How to order

How to order

There are several ways to choose a Hartman mouthpiece.  

If you know the mouthpiece model you want, just add it to your cart and buy it!


The easiest way is to fit your horn is to have some help from someone who knows the process and has done it before. I have a growing number of representatives around the world who can introduce you to my mouthpieces and demonstrate how to fit one to your horn. Email me to request a visit to your school or trombone community.

Another way is to have a set of models sent to your school or trombone community for your group to try. I can send a set for you to try for a week and then we’ll pass it on to another group. I have limited sets available so email me to have your group added to the schedule.

The cost of a Hartman mouthpiece start at US$125 and ascend, depending upon the amount of modularity you require.