About Hartman Mouthpieces

About Hartman Mouthpieces

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I’m Scott Hartman, a trombonist and the professor of trombone at the Yale School of Music.

Hartman Mouthpieces are the result of 25 years of personal research and testing. Years of work in the basement and testing on stage – years well spent, in my opinion, as the Hartman Mouthpiece propels the state of the art of mouthpiece technology to a new level.

My goal is to offer a solution to everyone’s search for the right mouthpiece.

Hartman Mouthpieces are designed so that I can balance and ‘tune’ each one to perform in a consistent manner. With this capability, I can fit a mouthpiece to an individual instrument – optimizing each instrument’s ease of playing – and in the process – realizing the true personality of each instrument!