Bass Trombone – Adjustable Model A

Bass Trombone – Adjustable Model A

The Adjustable Model A is a six part bass trombone mouthpiece. The adjustable series have a stainless steel rim that adjusts, making the cup deeper or shallower. These mouthpieces are for trombonists who want to experiment with different cup depths, throat sizes and backbore resistances. Each mouthpiece comes with a set of 16 incremental throat inserts, 5 weight adjusting collars and 3 backbore inserts! Where will it lead you?

Model A


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The Model A set includes a threaded two piece stainless steel cup/rim, with 16 (interchangeable) throat inserts (from .301″ to .316″), plus a brass shank with 3 (interchangeable) backbore inserts and 5 (interchangeable) weight collars. It has a comfortable medium width rim for all types of playing. The cup adjusts from shallow to very deep! Great for players who want to take control of their destiny! The cup size of the Model A is slightly smaller than the Model B