Bass Trombone 1100 Custom Series

Bass Trombone 1100 Custom Series

The 1100 B series mouthpieces are designed for bass trombone. The larger the number, the larger the cup.

The Custom series mouthpieces are my most advanced and finely tuned mouthpieces. This is the series to consider if you want to perfectly match a mouthpiece to your horn.

These mouthpieces have a stainless steel cup shell and rim, a Delrin custom cup insert, a mated throat insert, a brass shank with a tuned bushing and a weight collar.

Choose from several rim models to customize your ideal mouthpiece.

Use these color codings as a guide. Usually, the ‘green’ mouthpieces are the best choice for general playing on the instrument models listed. They are paired to articulate easily and play well throughout the full range of the horn.

For slightly less articulation and more ‘ring’, try the model number that is twenty less than the recommended mouthpiece.

If your horn is ‘heavy’ in some manner, i.e., bell weight, slide weight, leadpipe length or venturi size – or, for aggressive ‘lead’ playing, with lots of directionality – look for this color and try these model numbers that are five more than the recommended ‘green’ mouthpieces. These mouthpieces will progressively give you more ‘pop’ but they will also lock you into partials, decreasing the ease of flexiblity as you play higher numbered models. Stablility increases as flexibility decreases.

8-piece mouthpiece models

Model 1100

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